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We combine creativity with innovative technology

We're a small agency in Oslo with global capabilities in web design, branding and website development in Webflow.

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We've worked with everything from top-level startups to established organizations in Norway and all over the world, nurturing their growth with Webflow.

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What are your core services?

User experiences are the foundation of everything we do. Our projects range from developing new websites and defining brands to optimising existing websites. We handle everything required to bring a digital product to life, including user research, product strategy, branding, user interface design, prototyping and development.

We are also a Webflow agency with high expertise in Webflow. We offer everything from migration, development and optimization of web pages in Webflow, to courses and training.

What sets you apart from other design and development agencies?

At Ubåt, we thrive on being a small team. We believe that fewer chefs and fewer decision-makers translates into less bureaucracy, which allows us to work efficiently and nimbly to create great things in a short period of time.

We also believe that our clients' success is tied to our own. We build long-lasting partnerships based on trust and shared growth, going beyond what one would expect as a matter of course. We work proactively with our clients and we are sparring partners and advisors as well as designers and developers.

When you choose us, you are working with a team that truly cares about your success. You relate to one project manager who guides you through the entire project from A to Z, ensuring close communication and follow-up. We believe in openness, honesty and in close and meaningful collaborations. Many of our customers have been with us since our inception in 2019.

Finally, we specialize in creating scalable solutions that support your long-term business goals. In our portfolio, we have websites and products that have stood unchanged for several years and still achieve excellent results, proving our ability to create robust and future-proof solutions that stand the test of time.

What does your process look like?

All projects are different, and we believe in a flexible work process that can be adapted to each and every unique assignment we undertake. Nevertheless, we have some fixed points that we relate to for most of the projects doing from A to Z:

1. Understand: We take a deep dive to understand the needs of both you and your customers, and integrate this insight with our professional expertise to create measurable results.

2. Define: Through targeted analysis and technology selection, we design the structure and functionality of the website, laying the foundation for a unique and engaging website.

3. Shape: We transform ideas and concepts into a concrete and visual design with the user at the center, reflecting their unique brand identity.

4. Realize: We realize the website through collaboration and agile development, ensuring that it reflects their vision and needs, and actually achieves results.

5. Enhance: We engage in a continuous process of improvement, adaptation and training, in order to keep the website relevant and effective over time.

How much does it cost to hire you for a project?

No project is the same, and our prices depend on each project's scope, complexity and timeline.

We understand the importance of being able to offer flexibility in the budgets of our customers and we therefore offer three different collaboration models: hourly rate, fixed price and Retainer. We are happy to have an intro meeting with you, so that we can suggest which cooperation model we recommend for your case, but of course also customize according to your preferences. We then create a detailed assignment quote for you that includes timeline and cost.

For fixed-price websites, the price ranges from anywhere between $3,000 and $50,000.

Get in touch with us, and we can arrange a chat.

How long do you spend building a website?

The time it takes to build a website depends on the size and complexity of the project. We can complete simple websites and landing pages in 1-2 weeks, while larger and more complex websites can take anywhere from weeks to months. Get in touch with us, and we can give you a time estimate for your project.

Can I update my website myself?

Yes! An important reason why we have chosen to develop our websites in Webflow is because it is a solution that is super easy to manage.

Webflow gives us the creative freedom to be able to create anything, as well as a powerful and flexible interface that allows us to optimize at the pixel level. Webflow also simplifies the digital everyday life of our customers, providing a scalable and forward-looking website that can grow in step with the customer. Webflow also has no plugins or software that needs to be updated.

We create websites that are super easy to manage using the world's most intuitive and easy-to-use editing tools. We are also always an email or a phone call away, in case you need help.

Why Webflow?

Wow, where do we begin!?

Short answer: Because Webflow a very powerful, scalable and flexible platform that gives us endless possibilities, while being very easy to manage for our customers.

A little longer answer: Webflow gives us the creative freedom to be able to create anything, as well as a powerful and flexible interface that allows us to optimize at the micro level. This includes detailed control and fine-tuning of the design and user experience, as well as improving accessibility and search engine optimization to ensure that the website is both accessible and visible. Webflow also simplifies the digital everyday lives of our customers and provides a scalable and forward-looking website for many years to come. Webflow has no software or plugins that need to be updated, and updating content and structure is very easy via Webflow's intuitive editing tool.

What website platforms do you use?

We're a Webflow Agency , and we develop the vast majority of our websites in Webflow. But we also have extensive experience with a wide selection of other platforms, e.g. Sanity, Shopify, Squarespace, and Framer. We can also develop websites from scratch.

Which platform we recommend for your project depends on the type of project, complexity and budget. Get in touch with us, and we can give you some advice on which platform is best match for your project.

What's the deal with your name, "Ubåt"?

"Ubåt" means "Submarine" in Norwegian. We wish we had a deep and metaphorical answer about the sea and the depths, but the truth is that we think "Ubåt" sounds cool.

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