Webflow Conf 2023 Recap

If you are an avid Webflow user, web designer or just a tech enthusiast, you have plenty of good reasons to enjoy the news from this year's Webflow conference. Webflow Conf 2023 has unveiled a flood of new features and improvements that we are looking forward to immensely.

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The news we've been waiting for: Localization

Localization is something we've been looking forward to ever since Webflow first announced it at last year's conference. Webflow's new “Localization” makes it super easy to set up web pages in multiple languages - directly via Webflow Designer. Localization allows you, among other things, to:

  • Tailor all the content on your website according to geographic location — from design to content, without having to code.
  • Use AI-generated translations.
  • Boost SEO with the help of subdirectories, metadata, and local sitemaps.

Being able to reach an international audience is absolutely essential, which is why Localization is a gigantic (and long awaited!) This is an upgrade that we are looking forward to.

Say hello to Variables!

Being able to solve large tasks quickly and efficiently has never been easier with Webflow. With the new “Variables” it is now even easier. Webflow's “swatches” have previously given us the ability to store global colors for the web page. Now you can save a lot more than just colors. New “Variables” allow you to save everything from fonts to sizes, and these changes are reflected on all the elements that use the variables. That means less manual work and more a more consistent design for your website.

Simpler CSS

Webflow is known for being a “no-code” tool, but sometimes you can't get around having to code - especially if you're going to solve more complex challenges. Previously, you had to enter your own CSS through embed-blocks or by inserting it into the web page code. This process is now simplified by allowing you to insert custom CSS properties directly into the Styling classes in Designer. Yay!

Components get more love

Webflow makes “Components” more powerful and user-friendly. Creating and deleting custom properties for Components is now easier with “Slots” - a new functionality that allows you to embed editable and flexible placeholders directly inside a Component.

Meet “Spline”!

Webflow turns on the big drum with a fresh integration with the 3D software Spline. You can now use Spline to create stunning and interactive 3D animations — directly via Webflow Designer.


Webflow announced new Webflow Apps a few weeks ago - a tool that allows you to install third-party applications on your website. Webflow now gives Apps a greater focus, and we are likely to see both better and new Apps in the future.

Super powers for developers

Webflow has further developed its API, which will give superpowers to developers. Custom APIs for Components, Variables and Localization will provide more creative and technical freedom than ever before. We are very much looking forward to this!

Webflow gets a facelift

Webflow has also acquired a new identity, which affects the design of our well-known and beloved Webflow Designer. It often takes time to get used to a new UI, but the first impression of the new design is neat and user-friendly.

Briefly summarized

  • 🌐 Localization: Easier translation of website content.
  • 🎨 Variables: Fast, consistent and flexible design through the use of variables.
  • 🔄 Komponenten More functionality and flexibility with upgraded components.
  • 🛠️ Custom CSS styling: More control over your styling, with new CSS features on the way.
  • 🚀 Spline: New integration for 3D experiences
  • 🌟 Webflow Apps: New and better apps for Webflow
  • 🔗 New APIs: More power and flexibility for developers with better APIs.
  • 🎉 Webflow gets a facelift: Webflow has a new identity.

Christmas came early this year and we are very positive about all the news presented during this year's Webflow conference. We are looking forward to delving deeper into these new features, and exploring all the possibilities they offer us. Kudos to the Webflow team for these amazing updates!

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