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Choosing a platform for your website can be a difficult choice. Migrating (moving) to a new platform is not always that easy, so you naturally want to choose the right platform to begin with. But what happens if you still want to move your website from another platform over to Webflow, and how do you do it?

Move website over to Webflow
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First of all, should you choose Webflow?

Are you already persuaded? Then you can skip down to the next heading: “How to move to Webflow?”.

If you are considering migrating your website from e.g. WordPress or Squarespace over to Webflow, you're not alone. We have helped many with this transition, and the experiences with the swap have been exclusively positive.

We may not be completely objective (because we are a Webflow agency), but we will still try to give you some good arguments as to why we think you are making a wise choice by switching to Webflow.

Webflow represents a modern approach to web design, combining ease of use with powerful design and development tools. Webflow is not just a platform, but a complete solution to create, manage and grow your website in an intuitive way.

Ease of use and control

Unlike WordPress, which often relies on plugins and code, Webflow gives you full control over both design and functionality directly from the user interface. Webflow is also a “no-code” tool, so you don't have to write code to build a webpage in Webflow.

Something that can also be perceived as music in the ear of many WordPress users is that you release plugins with Webflow. While in WordPress you have to install countless plugins to achieve what you want, with Webflow you don't have to think about this. Because of this, you also don't have to think about having to update plugins. Awesome, isn't it?

Responsive design

Most likely, over half of the people who visit your website will visit it from a mobile phone. It goes without saying that it is important that your website also looks good on mobile phones. Webflow makes it very easy to customize the design for different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience no matter what device you are using.


Webflow and SEO go hand in hand. Webflow offers a number of built-in SEO tools that make it easy to optimize your website for Google and other search engines.

How to move to Webflow?

If you want to move to Webflow from another platform, you should first be aware that this is an extensive process.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to press a button to import a web page into Webflow. At least not yet.

If you want to move to Webflow from another platform, e.g. WordPress, Squarespace or Wix, you need to rebuild your website in Webflow. In other words, you have to start with blank sheets. On the other hand, you can transfer the actual content of the website over to Webflow, by copying and pasting text content and images. But the structure will have to be rebuilt again, and this can be time-consuming.

For those moving from WordPress, Webflow has written an article explaining how to export CMS content, e.g. articles, from WordPress to Webflow. This involves first exporting content from WordPress to an XML file, then converting this to a CSV file, and then importing this into Webflow CMS.

Depending on how large and complex your website is, it can take anywhere from one day to several weeks to move to Webflow.

Although Webflow is a no-code tool, developing a website from scratch can still be time-consuming. But if you want to learn Webflow, building a website from scratch is the best way to learn Webflow. This also gives you the opportunity to take a step back and think about how you can build a better version of your website. Perhaps there are some changes you would like to make, which you now have the opportunity to make in the same vein?

If you need help using Webflow, we highly recommend checking out Webflow Universität. We also offer courses in Webflow, for those of you who should be interested in it.

If you want to save time, it might also be interesting to check out Webflow's templates. These templates are quality assured, and can be great starting points for a good website. Customizing a template's colors and fonts is easy, so you can in no time transform a template into a website that has your unique identity.

Do you need help?

We have helped dozens of customers migrate to Webflow, and the experiences have been exclusively positive.

Whether you want a quote for migrating to Webflow, or if you just need help with a few small things, we are happy to assist. We are a certified Webflow Professional Partner.

Need help?

We are a certified Webflow Professional Partner and we are happy to assist.

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