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Confex is Scandinavia's leading course provider and has trained over 500,000 executives and employees over 25 years in the industry. They operate in both the private and public sectors and are known for their wide range of courses spanning diverse disciplines and format.

In an era where digital presence is more critical than ever, Confex recognized the need to revitalize its online identity and user experience to better meet the needs of its customers and partners.

The project has included a complete overhaul of the brand identity, a strategic restructuring of course presentation, and the development of partner websites to strengthen collaboration with various course providers.

Through strategic analysis, we have sought to identify and test the most effective ways to present Confex's courses. Our approach was user-centered, with a focus on creating intuitive and engaging experiences that reflect Confex's expertise and broad course content.

An important component of the project was the development of several dynamic partner portals. These portals offer customized forms for easy course uploading, as well as full website templates. These templates enable Confex to quickly establish new partner portals with unique identities, which in turn foster a stronger and more collaborative network of course providers.

By using Webflow CMS, we have been able to leverage the flexibility of the platform to create flexible course templates. This has not only simplified the management of course content, but also improved the overall user experience on the website.

A significant aspect of the project was the development of a new identity for Confex and their partner portals. This includes, among other things, a bespoke icon library designed to represent the different course categories Confex offers.

Through this visual renewal, we have ensured a consistent and appealing brand experience across the board, appealing to both new and existing customers and partners.

They were service-oriented, professional, creative and the end result was in the spotlight. We are very pleased and look forward to further cooperation.

Malin Pilbad,

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