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Lederprogrammet (The Leadership Program) is an exclusive 12-week hybrid leadership development program specifically tailored for busy executives with fully packed calendars.

In developing the Leadership Program's new website and identity, the main focus has been to create a platform that manages to convey the program's rich and unique content in a clear and clear manner, and that contributes to greater engagement.

Through thorough strategy work, we gained an overview of the market, including competitors, the target audience, and the services offered, as well as what really sets the Leader Program apart from the crowd.

The development of the website in Webflow has made it possible to create a dynamic and easy-to-navigate experience, and we actively worked with SEO throughout the process to ensure better visibility. The leadership program's new website is designed for easy administration and publishing during various phases of the program's run, giving organizers flexibility and control over all content.

We made a conscious choice to strip down the website content to make the information as effective and direct as possible, but without sacrificing the depth required to provide a comprehensive insight into the Leadership Program's unique offerings. This, together with a clear use of social proof, has helped build trust and engage users.


The result is a website and a brand identity that clearly communicates the value and uniqueness of the Leadership Program, and that engages and facilitates busy managers looking for skills development.

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