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Trondheim Tech Port had outgrown their previous website. As a representative of the technology capital, they needed a high-quality website. We were hired to design and develop their new website in Webflow.

Trondheim Tech Port has a broad target audience with different purposes. The key for this project was therefore to create a clear collection point with lots of information that is easy to navigate around.

Trondheim Tech Port is also active in publishing a lot of content; everything from events, podcasts, reports, consultation responses and press releases. We have therefore worked closely with Trondheim Tech Port's team throughout the process to streamline and simplify their content publishing routines, as well as to enable their content team to create even more engaging content.

Trondheim Tech Port's new website was developed in Webflow. In this project, we were given the opportunity to utilize Webflow CMS's strength and flexibility to the fullest. This has resulted in a website that Trondheim Tech Port's team can easily manage on their own, while maintaining good practices for optimization and SEO.

Trondheim Tech Port
We at Trondheim Tech Port are incredibly pleased with the cooperation with Ubåt, and with our new website. Ruben is always gentle and congenial, and the mantra is “anything is possible.” He is also good at explaining web stuff to us non-web developers in a simple way, without making us feel stupid. 12 out of 10 points, we'll choose Ubåt again!

Sandra Skillingsas
Leader Identity, Trondheim Tech Port

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